Causative Verbs

44. Causative Verbs: The Basics

  • What are bare and full infinitives?
  • What are causative verbs?
  • What is the difference between make and let?
  • What is the difference between make/let and require/allow?

45. More Causative Verbs

  • What are other causative verbs?
  • When do you use force and cause?
  • What is the difference between haveget and ask?
  • When do you use help and encourage?

46. Caustive Verbs: Passive Voice

  • How do you use causative verbs in the passive voice?
  • What is the passive voice pattern for get and have?
  • What is the difference between by and because of?

47. Caustive Verbs from Adjectives

  • What are SVOC clauses?
  • What are verbs of change?
  • What are ~ed / ~ing adjectives?
  • What are common suffixes that turn adjectives into verbs?
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