6. Outlines

In class

1.  Essay to Outline (Group Work)

2.  Introduction Paragraph

    • PowerPoint presentation

3.  Write an Introduction Paragraph

    • Together, write a thesis statement rebutting the No Uniforms essay.
      • What are your three main counter-arguments.
    • Individually, write an introduction to a rebuttal essay that fits the thesis statement.
    • Share your introductions with the group.


Rebuttal: Why Students Should Wear Uniforms  (by Monday, June 1 @ 7:00 p.m.)

    • Write a rebuttal essay disagreeing with the essay “Students Should not Wear Uniforms”
    • Create and share a Google Doc
      • File Name:  Uniforms – (Given) (Family)
    • Write the body and conclusion for the introduction paragraph you wrote in class.
    • Timed Writing (maximum 45 minutes)


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