5. Choosing a Topic

In class

1.  Choosing the Best Topic

    1. Share your three brainstormed topics.
    2. Explain your general ideas.
    3. Get feedback from classmates.

2.  How to Create an Outline

    • Google Docs explanation
    • Numbers, letters and parts of an essay

3.  Sentences and Paragraphs

      • PowerPoint presentation


Persuasive Essay: Outline  (by Saturday, May 30 @ 8:00 p.m.)

    • Using the same Google Doc
    • …move your Brainstorm to page 2 (Insert > Break > Page Break)
    • Add Name, etc. to the top right again.
    • Create a working title for your essay based on your topic  (not “Outline”)
    • Write a full outline for your persuasive essay.
      • Try to include 100% of the information that will be in your final draft.
      • Do not write complete sentences, only phrases…
      • …except Thesis Statement.  Write a complete Thesis Statement


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