3. Introduction to a 5-Paragraph Essay

In class

1.  Introduction to 5-Paragraph Essays

    • What is an essay
    • What is a persuasive essay?
    • What are the four parts of an essay?

2.  Recognizing Parts of an Essay

3.  Formatting Paragraphs and Essays

4.  Editing: Polite Email Requests

    • Work with a partner.
    • Share your Polite Email Request with your partner.
    • Give feedback
      • Are all the parts of a good request email there?
      • Is there information?

5.  In-class Essay

    • Topic:  Studying Grammar is Important for Learning a Language     or    Studying                          Grammar is NOT Important for Learning a Language
    • How:  Shared Google Doc
    • File Name:  (First) (Last) – Grammar
    • Due Date:  by midnight, Monday, May 18.
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